Jean-Pascal Evette - Gameplay Programmer

Portfolio (Pro)

This page contains a list of some of the projects I have worked on professionally.

Flight Simulator Feb 2018
I am currently working on Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have worked on multiple aspects of the game, such as the Weather, the key events and the simvars, but most of my time was spent working on the systems of the planes, and the interactions and animations of the cockpits.
Disneyland Adventures Apr 2017 - Feb 2018
I have worked on the XBoxOne/PC Remaster of "Kinect Disneyland Adventures".

I was responsible for reworking the gameplay of some of the minigames and the park navigation fromkinect based interactions to gamepad and keyboard interactions.
The Last Frontier Jul 2016 - Apr 2017
I have worked for 9 month on "The Last Frontier", an upcoming MMORPG from Asobo Studio currently at Alpha status.

As a Gameplay programmer, I was responsible for creating new gameplay mechanics following designs from the Game Designer.
I was also responsible for day-to-day debugging and improvements.
Search for a Star Jan 2016 - Apr 2016
I joined the Search for a Star competition in Early 2016. This was a competitions designed to test the coding (C++, C#) skills of ~600 contestants in order to find out the very best, who would then be offered positions in Video Games studios.

This competition first had an HackerRank C++ test, followed by a 2 weeks game programming challenge, which was designed to reduce the number of contestant to just 5 people.

The final was held at the Microsoft HQ and was an interview by a panel of 7 experienced industry experts.

I was lucky enough to go to the finals, and ended up as the runner up.

Grads in Game, which organised this competition, has created a documentary regarding this competition in which I am featured. You can find it on youtube.
Developer at Hackney ICT Oct 2012 - May 2015
During my studies at City University of London, I entered the Professional Pathway program.

This allowed me to join a company in which I worked 4 days a week, the last day being spent at University.

I joined a branch of the Hackney council which was responsible for creating and maintaining services and applications to be used by other Hackney employees and residents.

While working at Hackney, I was given a very wide range of responsabilities, such as creating and modifying existing web application in C# using the .NET Framework, maintaining and upgrading the main Hackney Website, and providing support for the older systems still in use.

In addition, I was part of very big migration project in which the document management system and the OS used in the council were all to be upgraded, which required us to modify a number of exisiting applications to match the new APIs.